ProjectLibre: the #1 alternative to Microsoft Project now in 31 languages

July 20, 2023 - 03:21 am
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ProjectLibre Global usage

ProjectLibre is proud to be managing projects in 193 countries and on all 7 continents.  We spend significant time increasing project management around the world.  The latest release of ProjectLibre enables users to manage their projects in 31 languages.  The images below is a list of the languages. They can be selected in a drop down list and change ProjectLibre. Project managers can work in their native language as shown below the same Gantt Chart in Arabic, Hindi, French and German Languages. 




ProjectLibre languages


ProjectLibre version 1.9.3 has a 'globe' icon in the top right.  The drop down list selects the language.  You can also set your country so the date formatting is consistent with your country for example  MM/DD/YYYY or potentially DD/MM/YYYY.  This is significant as we increase project management globally. 



ProjectLibre dialog box for language selection



The image below displays the same Gantt Chart but the chosen language and country are Arabic, Hindi, French and German.  It is wonderful to hear stories around the world that range from Art Museums or country education departments who are using ProjectLibre in Turkiye or Cambodia and benefit from our strong multi-language capabilities.  Keep sending your user stoies in as we continue to expand ProjectLibre.



ProjectLibre examples