ProjectLibre Cloud beta expanding companies

July 13, 2023 - 01:14 am
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ProjectLibre Cloud Roles

We are happy to announce that our ProjectLibre Cloud beta test is going well and we are getting closer to releasing the production version soon. We are now expanding the companies in the beta progem.  Preview meetings can be reserved 

ProjectLibre Cloud is a team project management solution in the browser that is role-based with privileges such as Project Manager, Team Member, Administrator, and even Customers. Teams can be assigned to projects and manage remotely from anywhere in the world. ProjectLibre Cloud is designed to provide a powerful and easy-to-use platform for managing projects of any size and complexity. You can create, edit, and share project plans, schedules, tasks, resources, budgets, risks, and more with your team members and stakeholders.  ProjectLibre Cloud is compatible with Microsoft Project, so you can import your existing project files seamlessly and you are managing them in the Cloud.

Some of the new features that we have added or improved in the beta test include:

  • A redesigned user interface that is more intuitive and responsive
  • A dashboard that shows an overview of your projects, tasks, and activities
  • A Gantt chart that supports critical path analysis, baselines, dependencies, and milestones

We are grateful for the feedback and suggestions from our beta testers, who have helped us improve ProjectLibre Cloud and make it ready for production. We are working hard to fix the remaining items, and we expect to launch the production version in the Summer.

If you are interested in joining the beta test or learning more about ProjectLibre Cloud, please visit our website or contact us. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you achieve your project goals with ProjectLibre Cloud.