ProjectLibre Cloud beta testing has commenced

April 9, 2022 - 22:02 pm
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ProjectLibre Cloud is now being beta tested.  We have a limited group of companies testing so we can engage for feedback. Laurent and the team have done an amazing job!  We are providing preview meetings every week if you are interested in attending you can contact us at [email protected]

ProjectLibre Cloud is for teams of 3+ and will be on a monthly subscription.  There are many similarities to the Community version of ProjectLibre with Gantt Chart, Network Diagram, WBS, Task Usage, Calendar views and reporting.  However, ProjectLibre Cloud is in your browser so your team can be in Antarctica, Athens and Atlanta and you are working together on projects.   

There are other key differences.  ProjectLibre Cloud is for your entire portfolio of projects.  There is a portfolio view of all your projects and also a customizable Dashboard.  This is a multi-project and team solution.  The Gantt Chart and other project management views will be familiar to our users.  A key difference is access to these views and permissions within the company are based on User roles.  

ProjectLibre Cloud is for teams and is role based.  We have pre-set standard roles such as Administrator, Project Manager, Team Member, Resource Manager and Portfolio Manager.  Each role has different priviliges for accessing, viewing and editing on projects.  You can use predefined roles or 'Clone' a role and modify the privileges, even giving Customers/Stakeholders  access to view their project.  When they log in would simply view the project with limited access  Users are assigned roles and when log into ProjectLibre will have access based on their role.  Users can also be assigned to project teams for example by department or geography. 



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Once again,  ProjectLibre Cloud is currently in beta testing.  The feedback has been excellent and we appreciate the intererest and patience!  We are offering previews every week. You can contact us if you would like to attend the preview meetings.  The Cloud and Community versions have many similarities such as the Gantt Chart, Network Diagram, WBS, Task Usage, Calendars and reporting.  There are significant differences with the Dashboard, Portfolio View, roles and teams.  We are getting excellent feedback and look forward to expanding the beta.  If you have questions you can contact us at [email protected] 














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