ProjectLibre Community exceeds 115,000 registered Project Management members

March 6, 2019 - 07:52 am
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ProjectLibre Community exceeds 115,000 registered members


The ProjectLibre community has now exceeded 115,000 registered project managers. This is a significant milestone and represents the second largest project management software community (guess who is first).  Our members come from over 200 countries representing every eligible country and territory.  The image is on our website. When placing the cursor over a country you can see the downloads.  The darker shading indicating different download levels.


ProjectLibre download map


The Top 10 countries are the United States, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Mexico, India and Canada.  It is wonderful that each of these top countries are able to use ProjectLibre in their native language. 


North America:

There are many Fortune 500 companies based in North America using ProjectLibre.  The University systems and also Small/Medium enterprises are very strong.  All countries are represented with three in our Top 10 countries on usage. The bi-partisan infrastructure bill for over $1 trillion in the United States ensures the AEC driven project market will continue strong.



ProjectLibre is heavily used in all European countries.  They are represented with half of our Top 10 countries on usage.  One of the two co-founders of ProjectLibre is based in France.  We are looking to work with the various European agencies as open source is the stated preference.  We are looking for community contributions to move these forward. The European community is very active.



All 54 countries in Africa are using ProjectLibre.  Our website highlights NGO projects in both Kenya and Tanzania.  There are many more incredible projects that ProjectLibre is driving on the African continent.  Even the smallest country the Island nation of Seychelles with a population of 95,000 has over 100 downloads.  We enjoy the community commitment and communication on usage.



The United Nations lists 48 countries and Wikipedia has 51.  This is commonly an issue with ProjectLibre as we actually list usage in 209 countries which is more than actual UN listed countries.  However, in Asia ProjectLibre is in all 51 even the smallest country the Maldives has over 350.  We will be focusing on increasing communication in the Asia Pacific region. The community is growing rapidly.


Australia and Oceana:

Here again the count of “countries” diverges as there are 25 with a liberal application of territories.  We do not get involved but all are represented with Australia being the largest with almost 100,000 downloads and solid community members. The smallest nation of Nauru with only 10,000 residents has over 100 downloads which is amazing


South America:

ProjectLibre has significant usage in all South American countries.  Brazil is in our Top 10 with almost 200,000 downloads and a large community presence.  It helps that all countries can use ProjectLibre in their native language including documentation being translated into Portuguese (Brazilian)  We have users in all countries and territories in South America even the small Falkland Islands has users. 


We have worked hard on ProjectLibre since 2012 and are proud to have the most popular open source project management software.  We have a long way to go!  Our team will be releasing a new version shortly. Our biggest community need is improving our documentation and tutorial.  If interested please contact [email protected]  It is terrific having a vibrant and growing ProjectLibre community,  115,000 members is just the start!





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