ProjectLibre milestone: 3,000,000 downloads and upcoming initiatives

May 31, 2017 - 01:17 am
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Thank you for being part of the ProjectLibre community!  Our registered community is now 80,000 project managers around the world.  We also have hit a major milestone surpassing 3,000,000 downloads in over 200 countries!  

The ProjectLibre team under Laurent's technical leadership continue to drive tremendous progress.  We are a small team and looking to accelerate the team's capabilities by the Fall/Winter.  We are looking at three major initiatives:

  • ProjectLibre Cloud beta
  • Consulting alliances
  • On-line training

The ProjectLibre team continues to make progress on the cloud version.  We are looking for a sponsorship level advisory board.  If your company is interested in helping steer the direction of the Cloud version please reach out.  We want to create an enterprise advisory board.  The timing is important and benefits to global corporations should be enormous. Please contact us with the best person in your company to discuss.

ProjectLibre now has an enormous global reach.  We are in virtually every country in the world and translated into many languages.  We are looking at establishing alliances with PM consulting organizations around the world.  This will be very important as we roll out the enterprise cloud version and provide a nice opportunity for our consulting partners. Please contact us if your consulting group is interested in partnering and information on your group.  The ProjectLibre team also gets asked often about training.  We will be looking at on-line training.  Please contact us if your company is looking for formal training.

The key goal with all these programs is to generate the resources to accelerate development.  Our team does not have corporate sponsorship so juggle a lot internally.  We are very happy to be announcing these future programs and also the milestone.  It is amazing to see the global reach and see 3,000,000 downloads.  Please assist us with social media on TwitterLinkedin and Facebook!  

On behalf of Marc, Laurent & the ProjectLibre team we sincerely appreciate your community membership and any assistance you can provide!  Please email us with the best person within your organization to discuss how we can work together in your PM needs.