ComputerWorld names ProjectLibre one of the exciting new open source projects!

June 30, 2013 - 06:59 am
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I wanted to send a quick note out to the community.  Your assistance in the forums and also assisting in getting the word out on @ProjectLibre as a replacement of @MsftProject is really having an impact.  We were just named by @ComputerWorld on a short list of the most "exciting new open source projects"!  This is great to see the exposure and more great news is forthcoming.  I will post another blog shortly announcing our new release. There are improvements but also significant new languages have been translated for ProjectLibre.  We have a couple of significant usage announcements from a major corporation and also government agency who are going to standardize on ProjectLibre. It is really satisfying to be identified by @Sourceforge @OpenSource and now @Computerworld having an impact!  We will have the new product announcement shortly.





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