ProjectLibre source code released

August 23, 2012 - 07:14 am
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The ProjectLibre team is pleased to announce the source code for ProjectLibre has been posted for the public.  We have posted it at the Sourceforge project site.  This is a significant event and reinforces the open source movement's advantages over proprietary software.  I recently left Acquia where I was the VP and General Manager for part of the business. This week they were named the #8 fastest growing private company by Inc. Magazine.  The Acquia success is driven by the open source CMS, Drupal,  which is dominating their proprietary CMS rivals.   ProjectLibre has the same advantages for the worldwide project management marketplace.  I am a big proponent of the open source model and very happy to announce the milestone of releasing our source code to the public.  We will have ProjectLibre available for download next week.  There are some housekeeping chores remaining with the code but it is freely available.

There are tremendous advantages to open source software. I will write a separate industry blog on this but ProjectLibre is a great example.  The source code is available for any company to view, update or customize.  Our "roadmap" is open.... you have complete flexibility to either work with us or work on your own to develop additional features or integrations.  You are not beholden to the product management roadmap at Microsoft or other proprietary vendors. The flexibility, open architecture..... and heck it is free... .offer a tremendous advantage over proprietary software.  We are still working around the clock to get the release out but things look very good.  

On that note, I need to give a shout out to the quiet member of the ProjectLibre team.... Laurent Chretienneau and I have worked together for many years.  We co-founded OpenProj together and have worked together at other ventures.  I am always amazed with his capacity to produce unbelievable results... yes, it is more than a trend :-)  He will not be all that active on the public facing side but it is important everyone knows how critical he is, devoted to open source and ProjectLibre!

Once again, the souce code is available and the downloads next week.  The feedback has been very positive and that is really appreciated!

Marc O'B






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